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If you’ve recently dived into the world of Airsoft, it can get confusing when the time comes to pick a reliable weapon for your on-field endeavors – heck it’s tough for pro players as well! As the sport rises in popularity, so does the number of companies and brands popping up, looking to get a piece of the cake. Consequently, the Airsoft market is flooded with thousands of the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, what are those best airsoft brands you can rely on to consistently deliver great weapons and accessories?

Our list today is of those Airsoft brands that have distinguished themselves over the years with an impressive catalog of top-tier Airsoft weapons and accessories. These brands produce long-lasting weapons that won’t crap out and leave you stranded in the middle of a gunfight – how terrible would that be?

Today’s article covers the popular airsoft brands, their product selections, and their strengths and weakness. All this is to help you make a guided decision on what weapon to choose for your Airsoft outing so you can make the most of the experience.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top Airsoft brands on the market today:

Best Airsoft Company

1. Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui

With Airsoft originating in Japan as far back as 1970, it is only appropriate for a Japanese company, which is, in this case, Tokyo Marui, to be one of the oldest and most popular Airsoft brands globally. The Japanese company is a pioneer in the Airsoft industry as its battery-powered FAMAS F1, which was released in 1992, was the first weapon designed and released for the event. And while most of their products are assembled and manufactured in Japan, they are available for shipping worldwide.

Products Overview

As stated earlier, Tokyo Marui produces a range of Airsoft weapons ranging from the typical rifle to the smaller pistol. However, with over 50 Airsoft assault rifles designed and released for sale, it is safe to say the company is a specialist in that field.

That said, the brand boasts several weapons in other categories. It has an extensive collection of automatic electric pistols, air shotguns, sniper rifles, and gas blowback machine guns (one of their more recent endeavors), sniper rifles, among others. Also, Tokyo Marui is renowned in pioneering the battery-powered gun, with this design very much still in use in several of their models to date. However, the company is equally adept at producing spring and gas-powered weapons.

Other products from Tokyo Marui include:

  • Scale 1/24 radio-controlled Airsoft battle tanks that fire 0.2g BBs over a maximum range of 25 meters.
  • Gun accessories such as BB magazines, chargers, optical sights, and many more.

Why we rate them highly

When it comes to the build of their weapons, Tokyo Marui make sure not to leave any stone unturned in a bid to churn out innovative designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at but also excellent performers out on the field. Gun models from this manufacturer feature a sturdy, durable and ergonomic build that serves players well.

When it comes to customization options and replacement of damaged parts, Tokyo Marui accessories produce accessories that are compatible with a vast number of other Airsoft weapons. Airsoft players tend to shy away from guns that are incompatible with Tokyo Marui fixtures – such is the standard they have set.

What we don’t like about their products

One potential disadvantage with Tokyo Marui guns is that the parts of the body are crafted out of ABS plastic material. Due to legislation in place in Japan, airsoft companies must build the plastic receivers of their weapons out of plastic, which is bad news for those seeking a realistic full-metal design. However, this does not diminish the durability of Tokyo Marui guns, and they constitute some of the strongest Airsoft weapons out there.

Additionally, Tokyo Marui Airsoft guns are priced on the high side, with many players not being able to afford them. However, the experienced players know that while expensive, Marui guns are among the best options to take to the battlefield.

2. Guay Guay(G&G) Armament

Guay Guay(G&G) Armament

As inferred by the name, G&G armament is a Taiwan-based company specializing in producing high-performance, powerful Airsoft weapons that are replicas of the real-life models. Unlike other brands, G&G guns come equipped with features that make them suitable for newbies and mid-level Airsoft players, which is also reflected in their products’ prices.

Products Overview

G&G weapons are renowned for their powerful performances, durable build, and reliable shooting performances on the Airsoft field. That said, the company specializes in producing Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) with an extensive collection of rifles, shotguns, and pistols; It goes without saying that the G&G M16 raider from their combat machine series is one of the best Airsoft AEG rifles available on the market today.

The majority of G&G weapons feature a badass replica design and ergonomic build with features such as the pistol grip for comfortable handling, retractable stock, and the rail system for the attachment of various accessories.

Why we rate them highly

One thing we have to give props to G&G is the superior build quality of their weapons and accessories. The majority of Airsoft guns reeled out by the brand sport a body crafted out of durable ABS plastic with metal coatings for increased durability. The internal components of their weapons are also not left out of the mix, and these are designed to be extra strong so they can last longer.

Additionally, G&G’s combat machine series boasts some of the best Airsoft assault rifles you can get anywhere with accurate and powerful shooting and a sturdy build. As an icing on the cake, these products are relatively affordable, and you’ll surely be getting value for your money.

What we don’t like about their products

Perfection is difficult to achieve, and the G&G brand has some notable flaws when it comes to the production of Airsoft weapons and accessories.

For one, there have been lots of user complaints concerning the weak gearboxes in their guns. Also, G&G is far behind other top brands when it comes to the production of weapon accessories, with users having limited options when it comes to upgrading their guns.

Regardless of these complaints, the fact remains that G&G is one of the top guns when it comes to the production of Airsoft equipment with their weapons providing a reliable option to players out on the field.

3. ICS Airsoft

ICS Airsoft

When it comes to getting highly durable Airsoft guns sporting full-metal construction and a host of innovative features, one brand you should look at is a Taiwan-based company, ICS (short for ‘I Chih Shivan’). Along with ‘Tokyo Marui,’ ICS is generally rated as ‘Top 2 Airsoft Brands’, and with their penchant for excellence, it is not difficult to see why.

Products Overview

Like every other top brand out there, ICS boasts an extensive collection of Airsoft equipment, having produced weapons ranging from assault rifles to pistols, sniper rifles, and shotguns, but the emphasis is on AEGs and gas blowback pistols. These weapons are typically constructed from full metal, although there are models crafted from plastic for those operating on a budget.  

ICS products are available for shipping to over 58 countries worldwide, and they are produced under three main trademarks:

  • Lightway,
  • Cenxept Exclusive Project (CXP), and
  • Black Leopard Eye (BLE).

ICS’ airsoft products are not limited to the traditional rifles only, with the innovative ICS-190 GLM grenade launcher built to launch custom ICS MA-77 grenades or other 40mm BB grenades.

Why we rate them highly

As stated earlier, the majority of ICS weapons feature a highly durable full-metal build; This metal material also gives the gun a realistic weight, thereby giving players the feeling that they’re handling the real deal. The split gearbox design of ICS guns is another plus as it ensures easy maintenance of their products. With most ICS guns capable of firing at over 350 feet per second, power is not something you have to worry about with this brand.

Additionally, ICS products almost always come packed with their custom accessories and replacement parts, so you don’t need to shop for parts required to upgrade your weapon. These weapons and accessories also feature original trademark brandings, which make the Airsoft experience further realistic.

What we don’t like about their products

Because ICS guns have their custom-made accessories, users are mostly unable to mix and match parts with other manufacturers. Consequently, users are limited to upgrading their weapons with ICS parts only, which somewhat limits how far a gun can be improved.

Also, because they are one of the top manufacturers in the Airsoft industry, ICS products tend to have a high price tag, and they might be out of the reach of the average player.



If you are new to the world of Airsoft, and you seek a low-cost weapon with attractive specs and features that will serve you well on the field, then CYMA is the place to look. This China-based company is famous for producing low-cost replica Airsoft weapons as well as quality clones of high-end models from other brands in a bid to make them affordable for players.

Products Overview

CYMA boasts an impressive catalog of Airsoft weapons, all with qualities that are suitable for beginner, as well as mid-level players. The brand includes a collection of sniper rifles, assault guns, pistols, plus several AK-47 replica guns.

Apart from weapons in the AK line, CYMA also has a range of M14, M4, and M5 replica rifles. CYMA’s most popular product, though, is the ZM51 bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle, with features designed to optimize player performance on the field.

As you can imagine, for a brand focused on producing budget-option Airsoft weapons for players, the quality of CYMA weapons falls short compared to those of the bigger boys; however, you are sure to get decent value for your money.

Why we rate them highly

One thing we appreciate CYMA for is its wide range of good quality, low-cost airsoft weapons. Their clone designs also allow players to experience what it’d feel like to operate the original weapons. And while their products are mostly budget options, CYMA ensures to incorporate the ‘metal-plastic’ design commonly found in the top-tier Airsoft gun options in their weapons. This contributes to the realistic weight of their guns, in addition to the ease of use.

In addition to the prices of their products being quite affordable, CYMA weapons are compatible with a host of parts and accessories – you have the reins to tinker with them as you wish!

What we don’t like about their products

CYMA Airsoft guns are budget options, and they sometimes feel like it. Although they offer reasonably decent quality, their weapons are not as durable as the premium options, making them most suitable for beginners.

Also, quality control should be worked on, as there have been several customer complaints about receiving damaged and poorly packaged products.

5. Lancer Tactical

Lancer Tactical

Rounding up our list of the best Airsoft brands is an American company, Lancer Tactical. Operating out of California, LT specializes in producing high-end Airsoft weapons and accessories for players seeking quality options to elevate their performance.

Lancer Tactical might be relatively new on the airsoft scene – operations started in 2012 – but the quality of their products has seen them grow a significant customer base and slowly rise to become one of the top dogs in the industry.

Products Overview

As expected, Lancer Tactical’s product line includes a variety of AEG rifles, pistols plus several accessories designed to be coupled with their weapons. Their products are renowned for featuring a sturdy, lightweight polymer or full metal build with durable bodies and long-lasting internals.

Some of Lancer Tactical’s more popular Airsoft guns include:

  • CM028U AK-47 Tactical Full Metal AEG
  • Lancer Tactical M4 CQBR MK18
  • Warlord 10.5” Type B Carbine.

Apart from rifles, LT also specializes in the production of Airsoft tactical and protective gear such as goggles, vests, plate carriers, BB grenades, magazines, and grenade launchers.

Why we rate them highly

Regarding the quality of weapon build and product durability, Lancer Tactical guns and accessories are up there with the Airsoft industry’s big boys. Additionally, we are pleased with the wide variety of Airsoft weapons on offer – they have something for everybody!

What we don’t like about their products

For one, Lancer Tactical products are more expensive, compared to those of other budget brands. Also, the standard warranty on their weapons – which is capped at 45 days – is considerably short.


In today’s article, we have successfully covered the top Airsoft brands on the market, their product catalogs, and what you stand to gain from using their products. To get the most out of your participation in Airsoft, the first step to take is picking the right set of weapons and loadout, and those brands listed above are an excellent place to start.

Of course, the list could be longer, but it all comes down to picking a weapon that suits your preferences, but there’s a lot you stand to gain from going with the top guns.

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